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Mk7 Fiesta Tdci Keeps Running After Switching Ignition Off


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I hope someone can shead some light on my problem.

I've got a 58 plate Fiesta 1.4 TDCI.

The problem started on Saturday.

When we got home and parked up we switched the ignition off, took out the key but the engine was still running. To stop it we had to put the key back in, tunr it on then turn it off again. This time the engine stopped and a message appeared on the display. It said "engine malfunction service now". This seems to be a popular error message but is used for many many fault codes.

I'm hoping it's a quick fix but more importantly cheap.

Thanks to anyone that can help

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I'm borrowing a diagnostic error code reader tomorrow.I'm hoping this will tell me more.

I don't (hope) think its anything major. The car runs fine, its not in any type of limp home mode.

As soon as the key was put in after it was switched off the car switched off right away. Last night when it did it we had only travelled 1 mile. The time before the car had travelled about 7-8 miles.

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One way to see if it's the oil seals leaking is to test your oil levels.

If it is then the turbo will be drawing oil into the cylinders and burning that along with the fuel.

Usually that would mean the engine would run until all available oil was used and then the engine would seize or the turbo would give up the ghost.

If the oil level is normal then as also mentioned check the fuel shut off and maybe also check the fuel pump in case that is causing the problem.

In any eventuality I reckon a visit to a good diesel engineer is a prudent step.

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There are lots of video clips on y tube of runaway diesel engines, very shocking event.

As others have mentioned go to a recognised diesel specialist, sometimes you have to spend a bit to save a lot !


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