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IVDC is a 'marmite' option - however I would offer a few general observations

if (like us) you live in an urban area with speed (harming) bumps, lowered sports suspension can cause your car to ground. A good friend has caused over £1k damage to his S line Audi on one well known problem hump in west hampstead at under 10mph and is persuing the council legally as the hump has been constructed out of spec. This not uncommon at all (see honest john in the motoring section of the Telegraph for more). IVDC offers a midway option in this environment as the standard suspension on 16", 17" or even 18" wheels just didnt do it for me.

I have tried IVDC in a post jan 08 build that's the same spec as ours (post may 07 build) and you could hardly tell it was there, it turned out there was a fault with it - it does seem that also it can be adjusted somehow to vary in its effectiveness/obviousness/intrusiveness.

All I can say is that on ours, it adds to the driving experience and stability especially when fully loaded.

The Continuous Controlled Damping (CCD) controls the pitching of the car so there is better grip, for instance on a slope.

More info here

On poor quality road surfaces, for instance on the A30 east of Exeter, certain sections of the M25, A21, A1 near Catterick, A38/A42 near Lichfield etc the 'comfort' setting can make the passengers life much nicer and even quieten the car.

in 'Sport' when taking twisty B roads in an energetic (but always within the law) frame of mind such as the B686 though Alston the IVDC with 18"s make the SMAX feel unlike an MPV and more like an Audi A4/S60. Big smiles.

The ride quality still impresses, and so far (touch wood) a car sick prone Zozzette despite numerous 'incidents' in our Hondas (and Scenics, Trajets, X5s and Sedonas) has remained front and centre in the SMAX - which in my book means the car is worth every penny.

just my observations on our SMAX - I know some have opposite views on the value of IVDC-CCD but we like it and would order again.

waves at the black and white one!

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remeber you showing me the difference, felt really bad after all that beers when you switched to the comfort mode :lol:

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