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Battery Issues??


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Hey guys and girls, i've discovered abit of a problem recently with my mk5 fiesta.

I hadn't used the car since wednesday, realised it was flat yesterday when the central locking was slow to respond. Tested the battery at 7v, jumped it off my mums car and it was alright after removing the leads it would start again on its own. the alternator must be alright, because it was staying ay 14.01 regardless of RPM.

Tested it this morning and the battery was at 3V, so why is it draining? I mean i can say personally i think the battery is okay because once i jumped it and removed the leads the alternator was putting charge in it straight away and as said it was starting alright on its own which tells me it is taking charge.. but why has it drained SO much more over one night?

It's on charge atm, so see what happens. But im concerned something is draining it.. i have consequently disconnected all amps and other unnecessary electrical items. The battery was so flat the clock wasnt even on this morning lol!

Oh yeah, i checked all cells and each was okay!

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Had a battery drain issue on one of my American cars, went to move it, flat as a flat thing.

Here's how to check for drain, once you've charged the battery, plonk it back in the car, only connect the ground lead. Get out your multimeter and whack it on the 10A setting. This is normally a seperate section from the Volts/resistance area and may mean plugging a probe in a different section. Now with all the doors and boot shut, the keys in your pocket, connect one lead to the unconnected battery lead and the other to the battery terminal.

A draw of anything over .5 amp should ring alarm bells. I found I had a draw of over 1.2 amps which was from an aftermarket fog light that was fitted and on a constant feed with a switch that you couldn't tell if it was on or off. As a result, it got accidentally turned on, left for a week and drained the battery good and proper!

Good luck!

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