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Servicing / Radio Code

neil madlani

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Hi All,

I've recently purchased a 09 focus 1.6 zetec auto from an independant dealer.

Wasn't the most well thought out purchase ive ever made, i'm not very up on motors.

The (independant) dealer promised as part of the deal he would get a service done, but when i collected it it doesn't seem like a damn thing has been done other than his buddy stamping the book. He said he would mail me a invoice of the service and nothing has arrived. in hindsight quite naive, but to be honest, i dont really have the energy to chase someone who probably won't do anything now he's sold it.

1 of the tires was nearly flat when i got home and the radio asks for a code, i'm told that radio code is down to the battery being flat at some point.

I'd like to get it serviced as minus the 1 the dealer claims he had done (prob. didnt) it hasn't been serviced since Aug 2011.

the nearest official ford (Dagenham motors) quoted me £275 for a full service!!!

- Can anyone recommend a good place to get my focus serviced that isn't quite so pricey? I live in borehamwood which is n. london/hertfordshire borders.

- Do i have to go to Ford main dealer to get the radio code sorted?

Any other advise for a noob?

Any feedback or recommendations much recommended.


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Well there should be a cooling off period , i would get back there and kick some !Removed! , Check your oil if should be quite clear if its just been changed and also the filter should be new.

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For your radio code you would usually get a card with the radio manual.

If you don't have the card then you will need the serial number from the radio.

It will be on a label on the radio casing itself and most likely will begin with a V.

You can go to a dealer with it and they sometimes will provide them for free but most charge.

Failing that there are sellers on eBay that charge about £5 for a code.

To remove your radio you unclip the trim around it and undo four screws to release the radio from it's mounting.

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you have the right to tell the dealer that if the car isnt serviced then you can legally have a nother dealer do it and charge the dealer you bought it from ide advise popping into a dealer and asking if they can take a look and confirm if a service was done or not also the original dealer is responsible at getting the code not you ide strongly advise having the car checked out before the cooling off period ends or you may find theres far more wrong than you know of

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