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Vin Number Check Semi Automatic Or Manual


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ok i have a ford fusion city 54 plate, seems to be some confusion i bought it a while ago from the person who bought it brand new i have the original invoice for the sale were they bought it from, it says on it ford fusion city ( no mention of transmission i,eweather it semi auto or manual etc ?

when i bought it of the original owner it said on the log book semi automatic ? i queried this and they said it had always been like that on the log book and never had any transmission changes been made by them even though the car is clearly a manual transmission ?

so i assume that it has been a clerical error

my question is , is there any way of checking through the vin numbers regarding the transmission details

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Lookup your vehicle details here; http://www.etis.ford...cleSelection.do

In the transmission line, if it ends with B5/IB5 it was a factory produced manual, for semi auto models it will be IB5-ASM

Hi Thank you so much just done that and it has confirmed on there that it is a 5 speed manual , must of been a clerical error somwere thanks again much appreciated .

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