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Where Have All The Fiesta-Driving Forza Players Gone?


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We used to have LOADS. Everyone seems to have gone - I've stuck up a driving challenge in the gaming zone and either nobody has seen it, or nobody plays any more.

There is a small possibility you are put off by my outrageously fast times, but I doubt it! :lol:

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The career mode of 4 is very similar to 3 - and not great. It is kind of essential to getting the best cars, unless you're willing to buy car tokens from XBox Live using MS points in which case you can get any car at any time.

The nice thing about Forza is that the stock version of every car is available in Free Play right from the outset, unlike GT5 where you are really limited on what you can take for a spin.

The sound is the best bit of Forza 4 - I think most GT5 cars sound horribly bad, they sound very life like in Forza.

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Managed to find a copy of Forza 4 for about £15 so hoping it will come in time for the weekend.

See if I have more fun with this one, then starting racing some of you guys :D

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