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Pleaassee Expert Advice Needed :)

focus 1.6 ti-vct

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Hi everyone, i really need some expert advice as the local ford garage where i bought my car from is full of useless monkeys ..

I own a Ford focus 1.6Tivct which is 4 years and 2 months old from brand new, done 42,000 miles, nothing really for an engine and i have had overheating problems for ages now.

The real problem started about 4 weeks ago, i was driving up a hill and the engine started to lose power, i pulled over and the water reservoir was completely empty and filled with yellow/brown sludge ( i believe this is oil) so i went and filled it back up and as a precaution, dropped the oil and changed the oil.

After a few minutes, the car seemed to be working fine, until i stopped, the car was making a tappy sound when it was revving, but only nearer 1000 - 3000 rpm but under full load, it didn't seem to do it.

I didnt really think this was a problem until i drove it out and the car engine went absolutely scorching, i then stopped and put the car into diagnostic mode ( holding the trip computer button for 5 seconds to access more menus) and went through until i had the engine temperature mode, it was showing 180'c!

I allowed it to cool right down before driving again and the coolant had disappeared again and it smelled of petrol coming though the reservoir, every time i put water back into it, it seemed to shoot straight out of the top and what looks like at the bottom of the water pump, i also noticed that it seemed to smoke a little white when i managed to get water into the reservoir ...

I believe that the head gasket might have gone, which i can probably afford but the ford technician said that because of the tappy sound (which happened before all this overheating) that he would definitely recommened a new engine, had a quote of £5400 + VAT and also would need new hoses everywhere as the oil had contaminated them too!!

As you probably would have guessed, i was really P***** off with this but if a new engine is the only solution, my 1.6TiVct are sods to get hold off .. Does anyone know what other engine could fit into this car without major major work or if anyone has done a project by increasing the cc of the engine like this, could you / they give me a quote?

I wouldnt mind "upgrading" the engine to something bigger bit i certainly aint giving ford another penny of my money for a like-to-like engine swap basis ..

Thanks guys for reading this, really appreciated :) :)


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the tappety sound is injector noise and its just normal and means nothing the issue would be if the head has cracked water shooting out the header tank isnt a good sign ti vct engines are not that hard to get hold of assuming he cars been serviced regularly i would be getting in touch with ford as this isnt a common issue in fact its quite rare on any fords




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When a head gasket goes you will get a rattly sound and ford shoul know this i,d say there tryin to have you over take it to an indepedent get a sniff test done on it certainly sounds like the gasket but like artscot suggest could be a cracked head seen many a head gasket o but not with oil sludge in the expansion tank which could suggest a crack in the head even if it is needs a new head not a full engine only difference in cost than that of doing gasket would be the replacement head and skim but you would of had to have the old one skimmed anyhow a good indy should be able to give you a proper diagnosis .

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the tappy sound may have been injector knock which is what happens on these engines and is normal provided it was always there otherwise new head job but it does need a proper diagnosis and at the age ide be calling ford

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Thanks guys for the advice :) i really appreciate it :)

The tappy sound was never there before, its very very loud, defo not the injectors, it only happens when the cars ... not under full acceleration .. if that makes sense ?

I think a new engine job is under way to be honest, i can spend £500+ sorting the head gasket out and the tappy sound still there, id rather buy a second hand engine, and "attempt" to fit it myself :) i got the lifting arm thingy to lift it out and back in .. :)

Another question if you don't mind me asking is .. I'm looking at a more powerful engine to be put in there (like most of us focus fanatics) could i get the head re bored to allow bigger pistons, would that make much difference? or would like ... say a 2 litre engine fit in there ok? cheers guys, thanks for the help ) :)

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the ti vct is the more powerfull engine if you get a 2.0 it will likely fit in but its a far older engine and if going through that hassle ide strip it and replace almost everything i still dont think the tappety sound is a ruined engine mate

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Thanks again guys for the advice :) i got a bit of a dilemma and its making me scratch my head so much im starting to go bald! :D

@artscot79 those engines that you showed me on ebay, are they for my car?

Reason i ask is they are 4M5G, they look like exactly like my engine to me but .... the Engine code on mine says 7M5G >http://www.coteks.co.uk/IMAG0443.jpg and i cant find those anywhere!!

This one you showed me > http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-HATCHBACK-TITANIUM-1-6ti-150-2004-2009-COMPLETE-4M5G-ENGINE-/330755676292?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4d02931884&clk_rvr_id=381211462888&afsrc=1#ht_3228wt_1185

That says 150 bhp? will that fit? I also think that came off a Titanium model and might have a 6 speed gearbox?

im sooo confused :S

Sorry for asking so many questions guys

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if you look at the compatability on the titanium it states its a tivct to fit youre year so its a 5 speed box if you want my honest opinion i think a really good garage will tell you that youre original engine is indeed okay im not convinced the tapping wasnt either a faulty tivct cam or cam sensor open up a new ti vct bonnet youll be surprised how much it ticks its just all the soundproofing that makes it sound quiet

dont know where you see 150bhp but it says 115bhp

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Thank you soo much artscot79 for helping :) i forgot to tell what the mechanic said last week (its reeallly bad!)

Ok here goes :)

Head gasket gone

Head warped (failing some compression test too i believe???)

Water pump broke

Crank slipped (huge problem???)

and ...... Also the tappets?

I nearly cried when i was told! soooo new engine joobbyy me thinks :(

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spoke to ford mastertech and he said you should get another garage and heres why the gasket may have gone but theres no way to tell if the heads warped without stripping the engine and testing it the compression test will not show this in short unless youre engines in bits on the bench with the head off that diagnosis isnt fact 2nd its not going to be tappets as its usualy piston slap a failing ti vct system or injector tapping he said u tube focus tappets youll hear it yourself also he thinks most likely the water pump went the diagnostic you did 136 is the normal head temp fans kick in at 140 youre not that much over so he doesnt believe the garage is being honest with you neither do i as ive said from the start

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artscot79 _ Really :( i hope i haven't been had :( - thanks for bringing this to my attention ..

i don't know alot about engines, i bet these buggers have taken me for a ride!

i was a bit surprised when i was told all of that, especially when they only had the car for a few hours and it was virtually impossible to do all of that in a few hours?

i got a new engine, and it was going to be delivered to the same guys that done all of these "diagnostics" but after what i have read, i think ill have it delivered elsewhere for someone else to do!

The frigging cheek of some people! im tempted to name and shame the b*****s!

thanks so much for asking your mate, you have probably saved me alot of time, money and effort :)

il buy you a pint if i ever see you haha :D

right, time to get on that blower and sort this out, ill keep you posted, thanks again :)

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Thought id share this now were on about engine temperatures :)

this read 180'c, the car nearly caught fire haha :) even the lcd display is starting to condensate, to say i was scared is an understatement!! :D and i was waiting for the fan to kick in ... nothing :(


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I would write to Ford, no way in hell should the engine have gone kaput like this under such a short mileage, and the age isnt exactly miles over the warranty. (ok 14 months, but still!) so raise a complaint with them, and see what they will offer.

As for the monkeys, I would name and shame and complain as well, see what you can get out of them,

Unless I missed it above, what was the cost of the new engine?

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