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Ford Fiesta 1.4Tdci 2004.. Injectors And Turbo Fault (Also Injector Part Numbers)


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Hi Everyone,

Im new on here and im trying to figure something out..

Thing is I bought my first ever Ford Fiesta 1.4TDCI 2004 reg a couple of months ago and I seem to be having problems with it!

When i bought the car it had a problem with lack of power!

I thought itl be an easy fix so I (first checked the Turbo if it had play which it slightly did but not enough to cause such a lack of power) put some redex in the fuel system and gave it a service.

But still not right but a bit better!

Anyway my next step was to take out the injectors. Took around 2 to 3 hours.

Once I got them out I couldnt believe the amount of carbon build up so I soaked them in petrol and cleaned with a very fine pin very carefully and soaked in fuel overnight...

(while i wasnt watching my mate opened the top end of the injectors which your not suposed to, which later I found out) :(

Anyway at the same time iv taken off the EGR valve and soaked in petrol overnight and cleaned thoroughly...

Got the car back together the next day and the problems solved!!

(I should have changed the copper seals)

A week later went on the motorway doing 70mph for around just under an hour and all of a sudden tapping from engine and white smoke from the exhaust which filled the motorway and car cuts off.

Wasnt a AA member so I became a member and it cost me £200 for membership and to get home from warrington to leeds...

AA guy said the Turbo had gone as my oil level had risen and when he took the turbo pipe off it was full of oil!! Also play in the main bearing...

Got the car home, bought a Turbo for £200 (KP35) and at the same time took the injectors out and got the injectors checked and cleaned from a company in Leeds and they said injector 2 and 3 seem faulty.. I got a printout of the pressures and they were checked at 200 and 600 bars of pressure which appently is less than half of full working pressure...readings arond 20 to 30.

I returned to the injector place to double check a few days later after a think and then they said they should be ok.... (bit confusing)

Anyway after chatting to a few technicians at work they said just put the turbo on and see if that helps..

So before replacing the turbo I took the sump off, oil filter housing/cooler, oil pick up pipes and cleaned thoroughly along with all the top air filter pipes..

Put new oil and filters, lubricated the new turbo and fitted all back together along with the cleaned injectors and new copper seals this time..

Car started first time and had a bit of smoke which cleared up..

Took the car for a drive and stopped at pertol station to fill up...(diesel)

Came back to car and car wont start. So parked it up and let it cool down and it started after an hour or so but white smoke started again and then cleared up....(eventually)

Now the problem is car starts when cold but wont start when hot....

I personally think its the injectors as its running a bit ruf...But not sure..

I was considering to invest in 4 injectors off a MK6 2007 REG and I have seen some on ebay but cant believe the amount of different part numbers there is after a bit of research....

Are all injectors on mk6 fiestas 1.4tdci's the same even though the part numbers are different?

Also been to a french breaker who has some and he said they will work off a Citroen c2 or c3 as the engines are the same...

Will they need coding?

My injectors are Siemens part number 9652763280

I know you can get Bosch ones too..

Engine code F6JA1 VARIANT


Any ideas anyone???

Thanks :)

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1.4 will not need re codeing and dont worrie about the part numbers as long as the makes are all kept the same.. use another set of copper washers as the last ones have been squashed to the tightening point for the prevous seal, also if you didnt replace the locating shim the last time replace it this time, thats the plastic spacer part at the top of the injector when fitted as that stops any movement to gain a better seal.

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Thanks for that..

Was speaking to a injector specialist yesterday and he said the injectors are EURO 3 that I have and the newer ones are EURO 4 and the fact that they are NOT compatible..?

Last thing I want to do is buy a set and they are incorrect for the vehicle..

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It now wont start after been running for 45 minutes...

EAC FAIL appeared on the little screen after cranking engine around 5 times..

Just seen on the net something about the throttle pedal connection.

Cleaned throttle connections but still have the same problem.

Could this point towards the injectors??

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