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Central Looking Problem


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One issue fixed now want to try and get another fixed

All doors lock with the Key fob

All doors lock with the turn of the key

All doors unlock with the key fob

All doors unlock with the turn of the Key

Now this doesn't happening all the time and when it does it may only happen once or could happen 5 or 6 times

Open the car with the key fob as normal get in start as normal start to drive off and i will hear a noise as if the car is trying to unlock. Like i have a sticky latch

Will maybe make this noise once or like this morning 5 times

Ive Lubed up the latches with Graphic Lube changed the batteries in both key fobs

Any ideas anyone Wire issue maybe?? Lock latch on its way out ???

Thanks for your help :)

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Have this problem on my 2006 model too, its suppose to be something to do with water getting into the main central locking unit in the drivers door,,, through a faulty door seal. I've not got round to checking it out yet though. Though I do think it could be correct because when we have heavy rain, my kick panel below the door is quite often wet...

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Plenty of WD40 for a start.

If it's got obvious corrosion them probably a new unit.

May be worth fitting a new sill rubber too.

When you say plenty of wd40 where do i actually spray it ???

Is a new unit cost lot ?? Rubber seal i assume ford sell this ???

Sorry for all the questions

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Spray anywhere you can find a gap.

Ford will sell spares but usually insist on fitting them too. Mucho dinero.

Sorry gonna sound a really silly question again but anywhere i can find a gap???

Down the rubber seal or the actually lockin latch ??

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Heavy Rain last nite and the !Removed! locks had a hiss fit today

So sprayed every gap i could find with WD40 but now looking down the new unit route

What are the prices for a new unit ?

Is it a ford job or can anyone do it

Do do i remove the door panel mk2 Focus


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