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Fault Code C1306 What Does It Mean?


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guys, i did a scan using the Torque app and it came up with fault code C1306, what does it mean?

I noticed that it i gave it some beans the car would struggle at approx 50mph now and again. any ideas?

gonna have it serviced next week so wanted to sort this issue out at the same time if i can.

bought some Castrol Magnatec and will get my service parts from Ford unless someone recommends Euro Car Parts products

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C1306 refers to Steering wheel angle sensor fault code. From a search but can't see much else , try and clear it and see if it comes back

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all i found was steering wheel angle sensor zero position not found not sure what that means another explanation was no centre found during initialiration i take it its hydro electric steering you have but it wouldnt affect you getting up to 50.

with things like that id start at the fuel filter

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