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Ford Focus 1.8Tdci, Sluggish At Low Speed, Egr Problem, Maf Sensor, Sticky Revs


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Hi there,

I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI with 140k miles. Recently it started having an egr error code showing on the dash. I managed to clean it as best I could with egr spray but I realise this won't do the best job. I have bought a blanking plate off ebay but it has a hole in the middle. Will this still do the job, or shall I try and fill the whole myself.

I took the car in for a service the other day, egr is still causing problems throwing up codes, but also the maf sensor and fuel line are also coming up with errors. Could this all be related to the egr problem?

The car normally feels a bit sluggish, revs can take a while to come low down, and the revs sometime stick on when you take your foot off the accelerator. It has been remapped, so when the powers on, it does feel very quick. It just all seems a bit slow to respond sometimes.

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