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Hi all,

I currently have a car that I'm going to change. I'm really interested in the Fiesta (Latest model - I think it's the Mk7). I like the shape and everything but I really want your opinion, especially who already owns one.

Is there any common faults that occur in the fiesta model? What I mean is that for example, the Fiat Punto Mk2's power steering tends to fail in every model. I want to be sure that the car is really worth the money. I'm not from the UK or Ireland but I'm from central Europe and the Fiesta starts from 12,800 Euros (Approximately £10,137) and it's the basic model. I want it full extras with a sun roof (If available) and with the push start, so yeah it'll cost me more than that.

I wanted to know about the fiesta's extras available too. I want the car to be to it's full so can someone tell me what I'll be having in the car with all the extras available please? I know that maybe they varies from a country to another but I just want a general picture....I'm sorry for making this post long but I really want opinions before I go ahead and buy it. It'll take me a year or 2 to gather all the money needed to buy a new car and I think that new models will be out in the meantime.... :P

Regards and thank you in advance :)

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The Ford website for your country should have a section when you can build a Fiesta will all the feature you want, and be able to download e-brochures which gives you the standard equipment on each model.

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