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1.8 Tdci Intercooler/exhaust System Upgrade


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has anyone upgraded their intercooler with an aftermarket jobbie? any pointers/pics please. Ebay links would be helpful too (Lenny!)

Thinking of upgrading the exhaust system too with a 2.5" straight through pipe and maybe think about removing the CAT but should I be worried about emissions come MOT time (i do know a friendly MOT tester who may help in this department).

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Will be keeping a keen eye on this myself. Have heard in the past that the standard ST intercooler would be an upgrade on my TDCi, and they can often be got pretty cheap from ST owners who upgrade to Airtec or similar. Just not sure of the fittings though as the ST upgrades seem to be ST specific, but I had read that the ST standard will fit other models of Focus...if you know what I mean!

Can I ask too Sal, what exhaust set-up have you got at the moment? Think I read before that you got tips for £50 and fitted for the same again, but was this a proper system or was one of the tips on as a dummy just? Reason I ask is that I'd like to get my ST rear fitted but would just be looking to fill the exhaust cut-outs as cheaply as possible as an interim measure before getting a proper system down the line.

As for the CAT, there was a massive grey area over this in terms of new MOT regs. Ours are slightly different over here in NI, but from reading on other forums, if the CAT was on the car as standard then it has to be on for MOT. There was some debate though about whether the tester would be able to see this or not as it's just a visual inspection. Lots of guys were saying their friendly neighbourhood tester had let them away with this no probs, but it just depends really.

As for the emissions, I don't think that would be a problem as on diesels I think it's just a smoke test rather than an emissions test. On top of all this I'm not sure what the craic is if a DPF is involved as well, but I don't think this is an issue for you on the 1.8 as I don't think they have them.

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Hi Gary,

the ST IC fits on the Modeos from what i have read/pics seen on TalkFord forum. The focus has one outlet that is at an angle so a silicone hose may do the job. really need to have a good look at the current set up to see what is possible.

I do have exhaust tips that are mated to the original box but looking to remove that, the current performance ford mag suggests removing the cat and having a straight through system and as i dont have a DPF i wont any any EML light issues! Might have a dummy CAT on the car just in case the MOT tester is a PITA.

I'm off work next week looking after my boys so will have a look at it then

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Sounds good! I'll keep an eye on the thread anyway, hopefully we get some good advice out of it.

By the way, would maybe be interested in your current set-up, or at least the tailpipes as I'd need postage over to NI, if/when you remove them...what make and size are they?

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Gary, you can buy similar tips from Ebay or from Custom Chrome Racing (bolt on)


or from other custom exhaust places like longlife exhausts/top gear exhausts.

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