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Galaxy Intermittent Starting/power/abs Problem

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Hi everyone;

I have a Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI Diesel Automatic 2005 model.

Just coming to end of my holiday in South of France and have had some problems with my car and hope that somebody can shed some light on the matter.

Was driving the other day and noticed while doing a 3 point turn, that the ABS light came on and I had no power when I put the accelorator down. This only lasted a few seconds and we stopped shortly afterwards. When I went to start the car a couple of minutes later, engine hardly turned and made a loud 'click'. I assumed that it was the starter motor, (I'm no expert though). Half hour later, the car started, but i called my European breakdown service and the car was taken to a local Ford dealer.

Five days later!!!, my car was ready for collection and the Ford dealer said that they carried out thorough diagnostic computerised tests and they could find no fault with the vehicle. I drove away and stopped the car 20 minutes later, and when I turned the key it wouldn't start again. I managed to get a jump start and drove back to garage immediately. On the way, the ABS light came on again, as well as the seat belt light, and the car was extremely sluggish and jumpy. Also, the air conditiong wouldn't work, although the blower was working.

When i got back to the garage, it wouldn't start again, and the dealer was adamant that my battery was faulty. I agreed to change it, (after arguing with them why a faulty battery wouldn't show up on the diagnostic tests).

The car started, and seemed to be fine, but after one short journey the car wouldn't start again. After 30 minutes, it started again, but on way back to holiday park all the previous symptoms occured again. My Euro breakdown cover agreed to repatriate the car and fly us home, as I had taken it to the garage twice and spent 250.00 euros!

Can anyone help as to what the cause is? I'd really appreciate any help as I will need to get it looked into when it's back in England.

Many thanks in advance.

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