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hi ive just baught a 2007 fiesta mk6 1.6 tdci the problem i have is that first thing in the morning when u start it the idle is rough and smokes a little not alot but everything is fine after 10 seconds and for the rest of the day only seems to be on a over night cool down is there any 1 who has had this problem or can shed any light on it cheers boys

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Could be a dodgy oil filter or the previous owner didn't drive it much and the pipes need cleaning.

Give it a good rev every now and again / try some premium fuel like Shell v power to help clean the system

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I think he means exhaust pipes. Engine might just need a blast (once its warmed up) to blow out the soot in the exhaust.

Premium fuels (like V power) arent really worth the extra on this size engine, but stay away from supermarket and "city diesel" if you can.

Is it soot or smoke that comes out of the exhaust though?

Has it been doing it the whole time since you have had it or just since you serviced? If its sounding rough after every night it could be due to the wrong oil, but then you said you have only just changed it...

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