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Closing The Tailgate Of A Focus Estate


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End of the holiday today so packed the estate boot up, as usual there seemed to be more coming back than going. Had a trial shut of the tailgate to see if it would close. Something blocking it and it didn't fully catch. OK, no problem, I'll just open it, rearrange, and try again. But no. Won't open. Its not happy that something got in the way so its going to stick.

Now at this point, with the thought of a 300 mile drive with a slightly open tailgate ahead of you, you may be tempted to try shoving the thing closed with your !Removed!. STOP. Move away from the car and call the wife, who will calmly climb into the boot and release the obstruction. Otherwise you will discover that Ford constructed the tailgate from 0.2mm recycled beans cans, and an !Removed! shaped dent will magically appear beneath the number plate.

Also while I'm on body work, another word of advice. If your Mrs books a holiday in the South Hams district of Devon, on no account spend a weekend washing, cleaning, scratch removing, paint renovating, and wax polishing before you go, as you will be coming back with several wavy scratches down the passenger side from the bushes you will inevitably have to drive through in order to avoid oncoming traffic on the lanes that haven't been updated since the days of horse and cart.

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