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Focus Mk1.5 Heater Fault, But This Is Different!!!!!


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Hi Guys

Recently broke a heater potentiometer ( the one for the direction air flow), bought a new one (£28) from ford, and this one has bust also.

What I have found is that when I turn the knob, it sticks quite bad, and by trying to force the knob round it broke the potenitometer. So, going under the drivers side to access the potentiometers, I have removed them both, still attached to the white holder, which sits on top of the black circular rail. Removed all.

I have found that the splined tube which alters the direction flow is seizing....... so my questions..

How can I remove the side panel(s) of the heater matrix to get into to it and possibly lube up this splined tubed?

Can the heater matrix be accessed this way?

Any good tips?

Thanks in anticipation


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the only access to the heater matrix is by removing the complete dash a big job mate id try to see if you can spray some lube as it is a garage charges around 400 to 600 on labour to remove the dash

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