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New Focus Clean/polish


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Hello all,

So my new Frozen white '62 plate Focus Zetec S is turning up in a week or 2, and I'm over the moon!

I've never had a new car, or ever cleaned my car other than going to a local car wash. However, I really want this one to sparkle and will be prepared to spend a good 3-4 hours every other weekend on making her gleam!

I was wondering if any of you could help me. I have NO products/tools for the job at all, other than a hose pipe and a standard kitchen sponge...

So I was wondering if anyone could advise me what products to get. Realistically, I want to be spending £50-£60 or so, and guess I need cloths as well as products, but any advise/links you could offer would be hugely appreciated. (I've seen people mentioning pressure washers, and if need be, I could borrow one from a friend)

(I guess this might not be the right area of the forum to post this... So if not, could you let me know where to go.)



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Defintely read the links provided above and some general how-tos on how to wash a car properly so not to add to the swirls. Basically, bare minimum is buy two buckets, two microfibre/lambs wool mitts, and use water at low pressure. Grit + Pressure (hand or jet) = the devil :)

And once you start reading detailing world... man its a long road back ;)

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