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Rolling protest sounds good, they mention 60% of jap cars useless but what about the 10,000' of chipped and remapped cars out there, daily id say minimum from the amount of cars i see 20% of them are modified in some wether it be alloys or 6x9's in the parcel shelf, not to mention the rally replica wrx's and evo's!

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I'll agree to this just as long as they also abide by it.

By that I mean that they're no longer allowed to install bullet proof glass in their politicians vehicles and the pope will need to do without his special box on wheels.

See how things change when they make that realisation.

Oh, and how many people working in car modification industry are going to lose their jobs? How much are governments going to lose in tax revenues from that industry? Yet another hairbrained scheme to attack the motorists with no real rhyme or reasoning.

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the cynic in me thinks that this is no more than a rumour that has gotten out through chinese whispers, so forgive me for not jumping into it immediately...

However, if true, clearly this is another reason why we should part from the EU, and they can keep their feacetical rules to themselves. So, who is going to enforce this? who is going to pay for ALL modified vehicles out there, to have ALL modifications removed and returned to Stock? and how can you do that if you have put all the companies out of business who would fit them?

Good luck government, if there was a protest in my area that I could attend (without jeapordising the job) I would, but for now, I dont see why there is no petition on the governments website? this would normally be a first port of call if there was any serious consideration to a proposal the government has made...

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