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hey guys been looking into the whole retro fitting of the bluetooth moduale into my focus titanium now ive had look behind the glove box and both side's of the centre console down near your feet and i cant find and extra wires but i do have the mic wire up in the interior light picture below


so am just wondering if i do have the moduale because i have the mic wire and am not looking hard enought lol or is just that ford put the mic wire in every car? cheers liam

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It may well be that you have the mic due to the interior trim level? or simply part of the loom for the Titanium.

I have BT / VC factory fitted to my 08 Titanium but know that others with Titanium's without it have found the required connector block behind the glove box and the mic in the interior light housing. It's then a case of plugging in the BT module.

If you have the bluetooth module this will be pretty obvious when the glove box is removed as it it secured to the to the underside of the dash. If this is not present look for a black connector block taped up (covered in grey foam) It may well be hidden behind other wires so have a good look.

I'm currently replacing my BT module with a new BT module and bezel to add USB.

If you have no luck or discover you're without the required wiring you can get a patch loom. Out of interest - what radio do you have? Get some pictures up if you can as it helps with the diagnosis ;)


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I have retrofitted this, had the mic wire, but didnt use it in the end, just bought some 2 core cable from homebase and ran my own wire down to the loom. Found this easier than faffing about trying to track wires etc. Mine just worked, i didnt have to take it to ford or anything....I was going to do a tutorial, but just dont have the time.

Out of interest does your bt modules transfer all the phone numbers onto itself? My current one does not, and i have to manually tell the module to save and read the number.


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given most bluetooth cd players are plug and play and cheaper than half the bits you need wouldnt that be easiehp

Very true - but I imagine if the OP has bothered to investigate the included components inside their car they're interested in a factory fit look. I find my BT works very well as designed.

Sadly parts for retrofitting BT/VC are expensive (comparatively) but are readily available - so if you have the budget why not give it a go?

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its interesting but then again im one of these people who doesnt want to be called while im driving lol

I'd rather not have to talk while driving but unfortunately I often have to conference call in order to get home at a decent hour.

If my Focus hadn't already come equipped with BT/VC I'd be retro-fitting just because I can. My family don't understand my inquisitive ways....

If the OP has discovered any wires I'd be interested to hear and see if I can help you get it up and running ;)


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There was none for me, so i bought the loom and some 2 core cable and did it myself :)

Put the module in place, put the loom from the module to the cd player. Put cable connectors on the 2 core cable and run it to the mic in the ceiling space.....Job done!

I didnt even need the voice stalk as the mode button hangs up calls and enables you to control stuff by voice!

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All the wires from the overhead loom run down the passenger a pillar. It's very easy to remove the trim to see the wires. Once the glovebox is removed the bluetooth module sits just behind a beam tucked up away, well this is from memory as it was a few months ago I took the glovebox out so might not be exactly correct but it's a black box a bit bigger than a smartphone.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi Guys,

New to the forum. Recently got my Focus and looking into getting bluetooth into my Focus.

Didn't really want to fit a Parrot or anything that's stuck to the dash so have been doing some research (Hence how i came to join this informative looking site :D)

Came across a site on Google called FordBluetooth. Looks like a new site and only have two products. Don't think they sell the product directly but sell it through another company.

Has anybody come across these retrofits before? Seems like its a complete retrofit kit.


Would be good to see if anybody has one of these kits and how easy it is to fit (Im a bit of a novice when it comes to cars).


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I have a Parrot system fitted to my car and al you see is the microphone by the courtesy light and the head unit stuck to the demister panel.


(visible wire is my Aux cable, Parrot cable is hidden behind the head unit)


(Microphone is the black blob, sorry no solid photo of microphone)

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