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Electrical Help Needed


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First post so hello to everyone! :)

Hope someone can help me, I have a 2001 Fiesta Freestyle 1.25 Zetec that has just developed a electrical fault, I have no side lights working (Main headlights and full beam are fine) no rear lights to show that the lights are on (Break lights, indicators and rear fogs are all working) Front fogs not working (Button on dash not lighting up either) and no illumination on the dials on the dash board ( all other dash lights working)

All died at once as I was leaving work, managed to get the car home (as I still have headlights) on the way home the dial lights flickered back on for a second as I was turning a corner, so it looks like something is loose or shorting out, but I don't know were to start looking, have checked any visible earth's I can see but no luck. Can any one point me in the right direction of were to start looking?

Thanks in advance


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