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Ford Cougar Overheating

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My Cougar is overheating when stuck in traffic.

My temperature gauge normally sits about the halfway point and never moves.

On a recent long journey, I got stuck in standing traffic and the temperature guage rose to just below the red box.

Once the traffic cleared and when I got moving again, the guage returned to the halfway point.

I have tried to replicate the situation by starting my engine at home and leaving it running for a while but the temperature gauge stays at halfway. The fan did not kick in at any point.

Twice this has happened on a long journey now.

Any idea which fuse/relay to change as the layout appears to be different to my handbook? (I have attached a picture of my fusebox)

I have a 2000 registered Cougar 2.5 V6


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Initially I would change your expansion tank cap. It may be loosing pressure and therefore the coolant is not circulating properly which will create hot and cold spots in the system. The fan may not kick in as that part of the engine where the sensor is may not be overly hot, where as other parts, due to a loss of pressure which will cause the coolant to boil at a lower temperature.

If that doesn't sort your problem, then I would move on to changing the thermostat as that may be sticking.

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You're welcome anytime.

Do you have any idea where I can pick up these relays online?

I have tried Halfords and Partco locally and neither stock them.


(It won't allow me to post in the classified - wanted section either)

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Ford should be able to get them or try a motor factors.

I tried Ford and the wanted £86 for the slow speed relay!

Thats nearly as much as the car is worth :)

I can't find a motor factor locally that stocks them so I suppose a scrap dealer is the best bet.

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