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Mk8 Fiesta 1.6 Tdci Enigne Layout Advice Needed


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Right thanks for looking at my post if you can offer asssit then that woyuld be appreciated here is the tail

09 mk8 fiesta 1,6 tdci dv6 16v

engine flooded.

replacemnt was a 1.6 tdci dv6 from a focus

found focus engine had to be stripped to block. i.e loom egr cooler turbo box everything that unbolts was unboleted even starter alt and aircon pumps are diffrent. anyway this all statered monday got to wed and the lumps ready tpo go back in. i took all the photos in the world as i went on my s3 so i had plenty idea were all the pipes and wires went back!

whats the problem i hear you say.... knelt on my nees phone fell out right under said nee, not only phone gone but sd card took the 17 stone aswell GUTTED

engines in engines running, problems

well there are three pipes thin pipes

1 comes from the turbo goes right around to the rear and pops up to a valve on a brown box just under the diesel pump, with a brown one i am sure it goes to then there are 2 other valves and two other pipes that come around the front

yes i know im a dingbat cant recall for a life of me were then run to and from. any pointers cant find a diagram on the net anyplace!

next propblem

on the fiesta lump there is a small pipe say half a meter in lenth with the smallest filter on the end looks like a fish tank filter again cant for the life of me figure out were that goes either. aaaarrrrr

if i was not already bald i would be know

any photos guides diagrams and u will nbe on my xmas list

cheers chaps

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