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Ford Focus Ghia 1.6 2006 - Queries


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Hi Guys

I have recently bought this Ford Focus Ghia Saloon 1.6 2006. And have few queries

1) How do I know if my car has automatic folding side mirrors?

2) How can I find out the serial number of the Stereo 6000CD.

3) How to connect my phone to the Stereo?



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Hi Fordy!

a) If they're automatic, I believe they fold when the ignition is turned off.

B) Handbook - with the audio guide there should be a receipt like piece of paper with your Radio Code on it. These are matched to the head units. Failing that I believe it's a hook the unit out and read it off the label affair!

c) All depends if you have the bluetooth module. When you press the green phone icon, does the stereo display 'Mute' or something like 'Ford Audio' - if it displays mute, I don't believe you have the bluetooth module fitted. The phone buttons as a default just mute the stereo output.

If however it displays 'Ford Audio' or something else, say 'Nokia 3210' then it has the module and either requires pairing and setting up, OR it has someones old phone still paired to it.

As I found out with mine, as opposed to say an Alpine unit, the Ford Unit actually stores the names and numbers when you input them. My car came with an address book plus all the voice commands stored in it.

Hopefully some of the above helps!


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