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A Signature Please?


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I was just wondering if someone could try and make me a signature or two, will leave it to your imagination (you guys know what you're on about and I have no idea!):












Cheers folks :)

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My creativity and resources of these nice photoshop tools are limited and somewhat lacking, but I would say use image #2 I think it looks quite striking and would suite quite well!

Have you tried anything such as GIMP or any of the online picture editors?

If you use "layers" you can fade them into each other, and have (I cant recall who has it) the likes of three seperate fiesta images in one line faded. You can add various text onto another layer, and by doing so you can build up your signature, as opposed to chucking it into paint :P

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Out of curiosity Paddy, what did you use to make the signature?

Photoshop. In my spare time i like to create some outstanding bits of stuff, more advertising / interface stuff.

Signatures are my weakest, But with bait of time i can get there, i pick things up fast.

Rh1no its cool

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Lol a better one that someones photoshopped not my crappy one I did myself. Asked for one a while ago in the photoshopped ford bit but had no replies :(


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!Removed! predictive text.

Don't I feel a plonker now.

Sorry for throwing toys from the buggy mate,

Been working nights all week since last Sunday and only got 3.5 hours sleep between shifts on Friday so got a bit ratty last night.

Sorry mate. And I created that signature for charlie two months ago and I could never figure out why he wasn't too pleased with it lmfao

I never read it until you said about it.

But now I've no laptop just a stupid 7" CNM android touch pad so I can't create another one.

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Loool this can be an extension of the midnight bulb club. The sleepless old gits club :P

And Lenny mate only reason I didn't use the signature is days later I made more changes to the car so it was out of date n I gave it a good clean so had some better photo's then. But yeah I also couldn't bring myself to point out the spelling lol, unlike some old brute of a copper I know.. ;)

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