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Cutting Keys


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When I bought my car I had two keys, but while moving home lost the spare so now I only have one.

I phoned Ford and asked how much it would be to get it cut and they wanted a staggering £136 ("approximately" she said) which to me sounds insane for just the key (without the central locking fob)

So, any other options?

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You can buy blanks from eBay and take them to a key cutting shop, I believe most Timpsons do none remote keys but can also do some remote locking keys too

Type "ford blank keys" in to ebay search should find a few

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Only having 1 original key you will not be able to program a new key to start the car. Your estimate 'probably' includes programming by the dealership.

I invested £20 a while back to get a 3rd jic I loose 1, the ebay seller even cut it for free if you supplied the key number.

Using the 2 original keys it took about a minute to program the 3rd.

Cloning your existing key is another option.

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