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Stalk Cable


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Hi all,

I have a Ford Focus Ghia 06 and I need a new cable that goes from the steering wheel audio stalk to the stereo ISO block.

The pictures below is before the cables broke.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where I can get a new cable.





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How badly is the cable broken?

Can it be soldered or reconnected with a screw block?

The only ones that seen to be available on eBay are for connecting aftermarket radios.

Someone with Ecat may be able to provide you with a part number or approaching your local dealer may be the best option.

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My brothers handy work!

I bought an ISO to connect this to my new Kenwood stereo, everything worked except my steering stalk, I then realised I ordered the wrong one

as it came without the steering adaptor (the bottom left plug) My brother thought he could cut the wires and attach them direct to the kenwood stereo.

Thats the last time I let him look!

I am now ordering the new ISO the a socket that has the audio socket http://goo.gl/KpeKR but I wont be able to connect it now as hes messed it up!

how can I get the pins out so I can re attach the wires...

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they can be pushed out with a long pin but its not easy you have to

conpress two little lugs in the plug they are on the metal pins

if that helps

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Lol, spend half an hour trying to get the pins out with no luck.

My new headunit cable came and I cut the wires from the block and attached it to the broken cables, problem solved :D

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