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Need A Pro! Sound System


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Hey everyone im about to wire up my sub and 6x9s to an amp and head unit, the only snag i really have is finding the firewall hole, to pass the power cable through and where to attach it on the battery as i have 3 connectors, the 2 larger ones neutral and live, red and black but then i have a smaller terminal also red which would be perfect to mount the power cable to using an eye end, does anyone think this would be a bad idea and why??

This isnt the first system ive done but the first with three terminals, car is a mk5 2001 fiesta :)

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If I was you I'd get hold of a battery clamp you get better power to the amp and it will never come lose u can pick the up from Halfords, in the 2001 fiesta the rubber grommet is under the windscreen on the passenger side just behind the fuse box make a slight cut and push it through and it will appear somewhere from behind the glove box have someone's hand up there to try n grab it I managed to get a zero gauge behind there so should be fine :D x

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