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Going Round In Circles Looking For Cat Pipe Bracket!!!!

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Hi, I have a 2005 Ford Focus Ztec Estate. A few months ago at its MOT the garage noticed a crack in the Cat pipe. As a result of this the Cat and the pipe were replaced with an authentic Ford part. They also noticed that a bracket that holds the cat pipe to the chassis was broken.

I ordered a new bracket from Ford, but this particular part had been updated and so did not fit the older version of the cat pipe that I had fitted.

It is impossible to order the old part through Ford, they just send the new part, and requests through breakers yards have so far proved fruitless. The guy at the Bristol Street Ford garage said the breakage of this bracket was a common problem and that he suggested a solution would be having a simple version of this part manufactured, something other customers have had done. Has anyone done this or had any luck sorceing an old cat bracket or had a bracket made up to replace this hard to locate part?

Sorry if this discussion appears elsewhere on these boards but I am joining in the hope of fixing this problem as soon as possible.

Thanks for any help,


part no is 3M515K291YL, original broken part shown in picture.


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hi and welcome to the forum.

you local exhaust fabricator or metal worker would be able to remanufacture a replica from T304 stainless steel for around £30 lifetime repair.

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