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How To Replace Cigarette Lighter?


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MY cigarette lighter seems to be temperamental. Only charges when i fiddle with it, then go over a bump and lose it again. How easy is it to replace the cigarette socket? i had a brief look online but couldnt find any other posts :s

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Probably the best way is to access the rear of the socket and wiring from behind the fascia.

First fully remove the ashtray.

Next remove the radio using the correct tools-



(make sure you have the radio security code)

You will see 4 screws on the trim around the radio apeture.

Carefully unclip the heater controls (3 clips) and pull the fascia forward to access the wires behind.

Unplug whatever you feel is necessary to easily access the lighter socket and lighting ring.

The back of the socket will have a twin connector as in the photo below, the illuminated ring will be one wire (not shown)

To remove the old lighter socket you need to put pressure on the illuminated ring from the front and push the socket out forwards from the back, you may find that it's a bit tight and may break the illuminated ring as it's quite fragile.

Refitting is in reverse, enter your radio code and job done.


Lighter socket, Illumination ring and twin socket connector.

Replacement parts as shown here-



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yeah your advice rocked, i got the parts from the link you put up too :) ty! i'm assuming i just repeat taking the panel off, then the clock pops out? didnt look closely, but seems like it should be easy enough

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