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I have my Interim service (2nd service) coming up soon for my 1.6tdci mk2.5 focus , I bought the car from ford direct a year old so this will be the first time I take it in for service.

Is there anything I should do before I take it in so I can be sure things I would expect changed are done , such as filters , is there anyway to mark them so I know they are changed?

Does anyone do this or just presume everything is checked and changed.


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I don't trust dealers/garages one bit... even with the most basic changing of oil and oil filter.

There's nothing you need to do or know though. Interim service is very basic. Just check that your oil filter HAS been changed when you get the car back, check that the oil is fresh and check that it has been topped up to the appropriate level. Don't know how many times dealers put too much or too little oil in during a service.

Personally I'd do it myself.

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thanks guys , not got much knowledge of the engine areas of cars apart from the checking of basic things like oil and water levels , so could someone point me in the direction of where to find the oil filter and is it easy to see that it has been changed after a service?


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