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Best Solution To Water In The Plug Ports


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Hi guys my better half now has the 05 focus which ive read on here suffers this problem,so after having the same Ive changed the plugs and the leads.All has been fine for 2months but now the weather is changing the water seems to be back,so i want to seal the washers which i should of done 2 months ago! doh!!

which is best some sealant round the washers or new washers just need a permanent cure.

thanks Paul

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ebay marine sealant get that when you do pop the washer jets out and seperate the rubber seal from the bottom apply a smear of silicone where it meets the washer and again where it meets the bonnet and replace did mine last year and fine ever since

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I changed a set 6 months ago due to them leaking on a relatives car.

I bought the ford revised washers and seals, about 6 or 7 quid IIRC. The seals are different and the washers fit much tighter to the bonnet.

Not had any more issues since so it's definitely been a good fix for me.

So unless the washers are a good tight fit to the bonnet, sealant is probably a waste of time unless you use polyurethane stuff and hope you never need to remove them in a hurry lol.

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