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Mk4 Fiesta Central Locking Problem


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Hi all,

Newbie to the forums, only had my fiesta 4 months, 60k on the clock lovely runner. Just had an issue develop with the remote central locking. Purchased the car, fob wasn't working, replaced the battery and was working fine until I came out of work one day and suddenly it wasn't working...

Thinking it was maybe a dud battery I replaced it, still nothing. Central locking works but only with key in door. Only a trivial thing but I miss the remote central locking, any ideas as to whats causing it and a fix?

I heard reprogramming the key has to be done by ford who charge through the nose for it and a replacement key is equally expensive, not worth it on a V reg motor! Hoping I can sort the issue myself.

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Same happened to me, I cleaned the battery contacts and the connector on the printed circuit board and all works perfectly now.

I used a fibre glass pencil to gently clean the contacts, as you probably dont have one try cleaning them with somethng mildly abrasive.

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If you have your cars handbook it will usually tell you how to reprogramme remove central locking.

If not them search the web for a how to guide.

You need to put the key in the ignition and turn from 0 to II four times without starting the car in a steady pace within 6 seconds then you'll either help a tone or the immobiliser light will come on solid.

Press any button on the fob and you should get another confirmation.

Your locking should work again then.

If fob batteries fully discharge they can lose the code.

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