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Focus "revs Up" On Its Own!


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Hello Ford fans,

I have recently purchased a '99 Mk 1 Focus 1.8 Zetec. For some reason the engine revs continue to go up when I take my foot off the accelerator to change gear, this is even worse when the engine is cold. Should it do this?! I have adapted my driving by taking my foot off the accelerator, pausing a couple of seconds and then changing gear. Otherwise if runs well (touch wood!!). I was hoping it was just a sticking accelerator cable but I suspect it's more to do with the engine management. When I am stationary the revs initially stay quite high (not crazy high - like 2000) then drop down to a good tickover. It was recently given a "health check" by Ford when they replaced cambelt and they didn't mention it (but then nor did I!).

Sorry if this is a stupid question! Any advice would be gratefully received :-)

Many thanks. Chris

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Ok, thanks. According to the manual I have removal is tricky and according to eBay new ones are around the £50 mark, is this the sort of thing that can be bought second hand? Any cheaper sources out there...?


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it may be worth going to ford if you want to saue money and have it checked as said you have the icv an throttle sensor it can also be a leaky vacume hose stuck pcv valve or a coked up and sticking butterfly valve you could buy 3 of these parts and find the fix or have it diagnosed and buy 1part i wouldnt buy 2nd hand parts how do you know they work

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