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Removing Rear Seats


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Hi all,

Im currently in the situation where im kind of needing a small van (Transit connect or something simular) as I race bikes, and all the gear for a weekends racing dosnt really fit into the focus too well.

I love my focus and its by far the best car I have owned, and recently having spent a fortune on it (Cambelt change, mot, service, new wheels/tyres and various other mods) And I really dont want to let it go.

How much of an effort is it to remove the rear seats? (MK2 titanium)

Will it leave much more room?

Insurance on a van is a killer for me as im only 19, so any money that I make on the focus over a van would all be piled into insurance.

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If you removed the seats you'd probably only gain about 6 inches of extra lengh.

Bear in mind that even with the seats folded you also still have the rear footwell space.

My work car is a focus estate which is set up as a dog vehicle so has had the seats removed and two dog bays fitted which extend to about the same depth as where the folded seats would sit.

Another option could be maybe a roof box mounted onto a roof rack?

That would probably give you an average of 40 - 50% more carrying capacity.

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Thanks stoney, Il look into the roof box, Even if it holds all the camping equiptment it would help. Im also looking at fabricating something to mount on the trailer like a storage box/rack that would hold spare wheels/tyres.

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