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1999 Focus Central Locking Problem Please Help !!!!


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hi all , i just bought a 1999 V reg Ford Focus , when i bought it the guy said the battery was dead in the Key Fob , so i changed the battery and still not working , but i been to a Key shop today and there is a signal coming from the key , and they also tryed to Sync it with the car about 6 times , but still not working , i can open the car with the key, drivers + passanger side but its as the the central locking is not working wall.gif, can any 1 please help smile011.gif

Thx All icon_biggrin.gif

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If there is a signal from the key and they couldn't sync it then they were doing it wrong.

Sit in the car with doors shut and put the key in the ignition and turn from 0 to II and back again four times in 5-6 seconds and you will either hear a chime or the immobiliser light will come on solid.

Press any button on the key within 20 seconds and then wait for the light to start flashing again.

Open and close the door and press lock, the key should work then.

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if a replacment ford central locking module is costing over 100 pounds which i suspect it could as it may need programming in to the imobiliser system too.

then you could purchase a Hak alarms replacment central locking module. they come with two remote key fobs and the central locking module for less than 50 pounds. all you need to do is locate the existing central locking moduile snip the cables from the existing one and connect to the hawk system following the instructions supplied.i

had a hawk remote engine star alarm fitted to myfirst car it didnt have central locking at all so had to install the locking actuators aswell but all worked 100%

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