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Preee and Foci_st3 are making me very jealous.

I ordered my titx in July from my local dealer, only to have the order cancelled by Ford towards the back end of August.

Apparently you can't have leather interior with Ink Blue paintwork.

I let the family choose the colour, I chose the model ( 2.0 diesel auto, all options except the 18" wheels - too many cobbled streets in Bradford... )

Its back on order now with a different colour and I've got a probable build date of 2nd October. Dealer reckons to have it ready for me 1st week in November, which I can't understand - didn't Ford invent the production line?

Anyway grats to Preee and Foci, I hope you both enjoy your new cars! I'll take some photos when I get mine!


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Hi Uncle , it will be well worth the wait , i can't see why they don't offer leather with the ink blue , if they say they are to order then it should be to your specs , what colour are you having now?

Spent the morning cleaning polishing and waxing mine. Not to mention sitting in there figuring out what all the buttons do.Tried everything on it now apart from the Auto Parking , i'm in no rush with that , if i can't park now after 24 years of driving i should not have a licence lol.

Keep us updated


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Speak to other dealers in the surrounding area for confirmed stock with options you want, to get mine they had to build 10 cars and one was made into my spec, dealers won't ship there stock which they also hide from the system to your dealer so make them work for it. I nearly went for a tit x with everything I wanted plus convenience pack but had 150ps engine and they wanted more money coz the extra pack so buying mountune wouldn't of made it financially viable so I waited and my build ordered 30june went from mid aug to end sept then to October and on one day back to november then forward to 29th sept and eventually built 31st aug at dealers on 8th sept keys in my hand 14th sept

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