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im looking at coverting the rear drumms on my 2009 focus zetec-s 1.8 to discs

would the whole rear disc setup from a 2009 focus 2.5 ST fit?

also would the turbo from this car fit the zetec s and how much of a job would it be.

many thanks

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you would be quicker cheaper and easier fitting the st engine the s needs a few thousand pounds of work to fit a turbo it requires mods to the engine the intake the fuel pump and injectors engine mounts etc etc the st is a 2.5litre you have a 1.8 totaly different engines given the insurance would charge the turbod car as an st you may as well buy one.

as for the rear youd need a whole hub given the st has bigger brakes you would have to replace the front with the disks and calipers and fit bigger alloys to start with

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my zetec s has 18's anyway the same as the ST

what small things could i do to the zetec-s to get abit more punch from it?

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not much on a petrol bear in mind youre mpg will hit the floor panel filter exhaust thats it unless you start getting it mapped and buying fast road cams exhaust is around 2to300 remap for a 10% gain around 300 cams around 3to400 budget around 1000 to get 15to25 extra horsepower on the 1.8 its not worth it if you want more power buy a 2.0litre theres far more you can do with it mod the exterior and accept its not and wont be a hot hatch

you could get a nitrous kit fitted though the engine will end up less reliable and most garages wont touch it for repairs

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