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Fuel Leaking On Floor When Filling Up.


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I know there have been reported problems with the super-dooper Ford capless fuel filler system.

Mine doesn't split back or cut out, seems to fill OK just like all other cars I've filled over the last 25+ years.

However, more often than not, Diesel leaks down the inside of the wheel arch and leaves a patch on the forecourt floor under the car for the next customer to slip and break their neck on. Not to mention that it's far too expensive to pee all over the floor.

Is it me doing it wrong?, is it a 'feature' of the new system?, or is there something wrong that can be fixed?

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I find best way is to slowly pull nozzle out and start tipping it up then as you slowly pull out, any excess should flow back into the partially open hole

I got it all down the side of my car not long after I got it, but don't loose any now. Also only get cut outs when I let it get really low. Apparently air gets trapped in the pipe causing back pressure and tripping the nozzle to cut out.

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It should click off all the time and never leak only the little excess when removing the nozzle just make sure the nozzle is in all the way up to the notch and stop after the first cut out as I have found out you don't get a second chance it just overflows. If its leaking out under the car the pipe may have split

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