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I Don't Have Usb Port. Can I Still Update?

Kyle Armstrong

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I am lookin to update my zetec s' radio system! But I can't do it myself at home because it doesn't have a USB port.

I was wondering what are my options? Will my ford garage be able to update it for me?

Has anyone else got the same problem?

Any suggestions would be great!



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Having had software updates on various pieces of electronics (tomtom Satnav and Hitachi PVR) that turned out to be downgrades, I am very careful now to make sure any upgrade has been proved to be an improvement on the software already installed. Before you get your radio updated check out the advantages and disadvantages of the update. As I say, If it ain't broke don't fix it! :wacko:

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Na mate unfortunately not. As far as I knew the only way to update it was via ids. I didn't know you could do it with a USB stick?

Just to clarify you are trying to update radio yea?

Finally no I don't have keyless start :(.

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Do you have keyless start on your s1600, next my question is how do you update your software..............

yes followed instructions, read posts and still can't do it! gave upppppp!

Follow my guide but instead of turning key to position 2 you press the engine start button (without foot on clutch)

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