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S-Max Clutch

S-Max clutch woes

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Help! This is our 2nd S-Max. First one (2007) had brake problems. Eventually repaired prior to general recall, and when we asked if it should be upgraded at recall we were told "No" even though it had been repaired with the original, presumably faulty part. Result: about 4 months later we suffered one of those 'extremes of temperature' that apparently caused the fault in the first place, and the brakes failed on one of the steepest hills in London, in the snow! That was 2008, and we traded it in for another make. 2011 comes along and we decide to give the S-Max another try. This one started with a clutch smell which we were told was 'normal'. A week later we had a breakdown caused by the computer. A month or so after that the boot started popping open of its own acord as we drove along. Last month the clutch wore out. 10 months old, 8000 miles on the clock. We have both been driving 20 years and neither of us has ever needed to replace a clutch, despite owning cars for up to 8 years and about 100K miles. Ford Warranty says it's all down to our poor driving and 'wear and tear'. Now in the 3rd week of the new school year and the car has been at the garage since the last week of the holidays. No courtesy car. Latest news is that Ford have run out of the necessary parts. And they still deny there's a problem. What can we do?

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