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Focus Mk1 Angel Eye Lights


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Hi guys

was wandering if anyone could help me out

I have a Mk1 focus zetec 1.8 it has angel eye lights that were workin fine until a couple of weeks ago it has 4 LED lights that are parts of the side lights 1 of these LEDs has never worked so I bought a new set and changed them over when I went to turn my lights on I reilized I had a problem my side lights tail lights and dash lights now do not work, took the car to a friend who is a mechanic and got all the fuses checked as well as all the bulbs everything checked out fine so he though there was a good chance it was the switch for the light itself so I went out and bought a new switch got it fitted and still the same problem exists so now me and my mechanic friend are out of ideas. The head lights, fog lights, brake lights and indicators all still work and none of the other electrics have stopped working. just as I mentioned the dash light, side lights and tails lights do not work.

anyone who think they might have a clue about whats happened and may no a way to resolve it your help would be greatly appreciated cause the next stop is a costly auto electrition which I could do without

I have a slight knowledge of electrics and some testing equipment just for the record.

Thanks in advance


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