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In Car Camera


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hey guys how's it going? i,ve been looking into in car camera's as i nearly got took out by a police car to night so i was just wondering if anyone can post up a picture of your camera in ya car how its mounted and information about it cheers guys. liam

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If you want cheap this is what I have and

is what the quality is like (I removed sound in the clip and the quality is rubbish and music taste questionable...)

It's stuck on with an adhesive pad on the bracket, so you can leave the bracket there and remove the camera whenever you need to. I think it also comes with a suction pad.




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Hi Liam, they're definatly worth the £30-50 for peace of mind if nothing else.

Check out this thread in the fiesta section we had recently on dash cams. The videos posted pretty much sell dash cams themselves.


Paul :)

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