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Radio Related Problem? Don't Really Think So...


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Yesterday it happened the second time since I have the car. The problem is the following: when I switch the ignition off, not fully, leaving the radio on, then suddenly the radio turns OFF and the light from the radio enters the automatic dimming system, not the daylight that I have set. Moreover, when I switch the ignition ON then I get more km to drive the fuel that I have left in the tank, at least in the computer's perception :) When this thing happened last night I had 420 km left to drive with the fuel, but after the so called "radio related problem" I've realized that I have 620 km left, so this error added 200 km.

Now I don't know if this has anything to do with the radio, but at least these are the 2 elements that I can connect.

Did anybody experience something funny like this? Any idea what might be wrong?


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