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Help Replacing Rear Lights For A Clueless Noob :)


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Hey people, so as you can tell by the thread title and my user name I'm a bit of a clueless noob, so go easy on me please and forgive my utter cluelessness and stupidity! :)

Yesterday, while doing a three point turn, I accidentally reversed into a telephone pole and smashed a tail light on my 1999 Fiesta. When I bought the car it had LED lights fitted, but the previous owner gave me the original lights when I bought it so I thought "No problem, I'll just replace both back lights with the originals", assuming it'd be a simple straight swap.

That's where my problem started. I undid all the nuts and dissasembled the light, only to find that whoever had fitted the LED's had removed the original wiring connector, spliced the wires and fitted some different connectors to enable them to connect the new light, and I wasn't given the original connectors with the original lights. :( So, I spent about two hours googling to try and find some original connectors but hit a brick wall - I realised I didn't have a clue what the technical term for the original connector actually is, and that I didn't even have a clue what they should look like!

I tried the official Ford parts store and some independent parts shops, even took the original light to Halfords to ask if they had a connecter that would fit. No joy, and still I don't even know what I should be looking for, so please, HELP! What is the name of the part I'm after, and could anyone be so kind as to link me to a photo/guide with relevant pics? I know the bit that connects to the light itself will be female because there are five flat male prongs there, and that theoretically it should have places to connect the wiring on the other side but I'm stumped!

I'd rather order them off the net than have to traipse round breakers yards trying to find a 99 Fiesta to cannibalise so any informative replies will be much appreciated. :)

Cheers, A clueless noob.

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Unfortunately the connector will probably be part of a section of the wiring loom and is likely to be only available as that complete section. A Ford dealer should be able to tell you for sure but my guess would be that a visit to a breakers yard with some wire cutters will be the easiest solution.

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Cheers for the quick reply mate. I suspected that might be the case, I'll see if I can get to a Ford dealer to have a word but I take it buying the whole section would be expensive and beyond my technical ability to fit. Just hope I don't get a pull by the police for driving with a bust tail light before I've sorted it. :(

EDIT: BTW, sorry to just land on the forum and start asking noob questions but I dare say I'll need some help wiring the !Removed! things if I manage to find the right bits, so look forward to some more dumb-!Removed! noob questions coming your way soon! :)

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Is this the bit you need the connector for?-


Here's a couple of units that may be of use to you.

One has the connection i believe you need, the other picture is too blurred to tell but if you contact the seller i'm sure they will tell you if it's there.



For the price i think it's well worth the punt to get the bits you need.

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Nice one Stoney, yep that's the one mate. If my trip to the car breakers is unsuccessful tomorrow I'll contact the seller to make sure the connector comes with the nearside one and order them. Again, much appreciated mate, at least now I know I'm after a connector for a rear light bulb holder! :)

I've found a breaker near me that specialises in Fords so hopefully either way I should be able to get it sorted tomorrow. I'll try and put a little photo thread up of my incompetent fumblings to get some help if I get stuck and give all you knowledgable peeps a giggle! :)

I'll try to remember to disconnect the battery first!

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