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Tinting Laws????


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Are you thinking of using that flyeyes stuff?? Ive heard its a nightmare!!

The above post is pretty much there, you can do what you like with the rear windscreen and windows. Front windows must let 70% of light through, and front windscreen 75%... which TBF is pretty much where the Manufacturer has them already.

I'm not sure about headlights, I'll see what i can dig out for you.

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All I can find is the law states that the primary front lighting must produce a white/yellow light. It says nothing about the colour of the lens. Presumably provided the beam pattern and the power of the lighting meets minimum requirements as well as the colour being white/yellow, there should not be a problem. However I would also add that this is my interpretation of the information I have found and would not want to be responsible should this be incorrect.

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This is the definitive data with regards to windows.

http://dft.gov.uk/vo...ws Oct 2008.pdf

If caught with excessive window tints then you will generally get a PG9, Your car isn't seized but you are prohibited from using it until the defect is rectified. PG9s for tints are usually deferred for a few hours to allow the driver to get home or a suitable place to have them removed if they drive with the windows down.

From the B pillar back you can go as dark as you like but have to accept liability if the tint level is considered a contributing factor in any RTC or incident.

In regards to headlight tinting, generally as long as it does not alter the colour/coverage of or reduce the level of transmitted light then you are usually ok.

Flyeye or Lamin-X is usually accepted as safe for road use but you are best to check with suppliers as to the regulations pertaining to on-road usage.

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many thanks for all the info guys :rolleyes: , i'm not too far from south wales traffic HQ, so will see if i can get some samples first then pop in and ask the question just to be on the safe side i think

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