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Strange Starting


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hi everyone i am new to this forum , also to my focus 1.6 auto petrol which is my first petrol engine in many years (bit heavy on the juice though )it is 2010 model, 2 problems i could do with advice on from you people who know fords .a few days ago after running about 2 miles i stopped at the shop when i came to start again it turned over perfectly but just would not fire ten minutes later started first time a mechanic told me it could be the crank sensor but at only 16,000 miles is that likely,it has not done it since. the other thing is that the temp gauge gets to normal (just under halfway) before ive drove a 100 yards or so is this normal for this type of motor .thanks in advance. kelsan

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sounds like a temperature sensor has gone as it should take a heck of a lot more than 100yards to get up to temp im sure this is linked to the ecu and if the sensor says the cars warm when its cold it wont provide enough fuel to start the car ie no auto choke

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