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Problems With Fiesta Titanium 58 Plate


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I've recently purchased a Fiesta Titanium 58 plate and ever since i've had the warning light has been flashing up saying that my boot is open when it is securely closed.

Also when my car is locked the car alarm constantly goes off, i've also noticed my indicators are not cancelling when i turn.

Im going to take it back to the dealership tomorrow, but i just wanted to find out if anyone else has been having these problems and if they had been resolved.

I just dont know if its a common fault?

Any feedback will be appreciated :)

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I've read about people experiencing similar issues with the bonnet not closing properly and having alarm issues because of it, might be worth searching the Fiesta forum for the thread for some advice? :)

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I'd say the indicators are most likely due to the clock spring unit.

The boot open message most likely means that your boot catch needs adjusting or replacing as it's not depressing the boot switch properly.

This may mean that your boot light is not switching off either so i recommend you check this or you could be discharging your battery if left too long.

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