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Bird Strike - Nearside Door Mirror Replacement


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I have a MK 7 Fiesta Style + and was driving to work this morning when I hit a pigeon, unfortunately it hit me back and I now have to replace the whole of my nearside door mirror unit (power folding).

I was quoted £286 by my ford dealer to supply and fit which seems ridiculously expensive!

I've looked online and can get an unpainted (but primed) unit for about £70 and can get a separate cover for £35/40 (the same as getting one sprayed). My main question is how easy are they to fit? Bearing in mind i struggled to find the concealed wing nut the first time i had to change a brake light....

I've had a look at the door card removal video and it seems easy but i'm a complete novice at this. Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.

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It really is as easy as I make out in the video ;) Behind the rubber grommet on the door in a single nut on holding the mirror on. Unscrew this (13mm if I remember correctly?) Making sure you or someone else is holding the mirror so it doesn't fall off!

You'll need to take the door card off (first) so you can unplug the wires. Then the reverse to refit,

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