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Grinding Noise Turning Left Right And Just Off Centre


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Hey all,

I have a 2002, 51 plate, 1.6 zetec hatchback.

Its on 110,000 miles and had its MOT in May. No major issues other than an electrical fault.

About a month after the MOT i started having a slight grinding sound when turning right at slow speeds, it wasn't all the time and as i had to go across gravel at my place at work i just presumed it was some gravel stuck within the brake area causing it.

It went away for a while then came back when i didnt turn right as much, say, when the hands from 10&2 would be at 11 and 11&3. or 12&4.

Over time its got to a point where it was occuring when turning left.

I just drove it back home from Bournemouth and during the journey it was making a sound like a grinding noise when i was going forward, straight, left or hard right, the only time it wasn't making a grinding sound was when i would be steering only slightly to the right.

It sounds like its coming from the right hand wheel well, but i was also passenger in my car and its sounds the same on the left side. I also have a lot more vibration coming through the steering wheel when its making the sound and can literally feel it getting worse or better as i turn the wheel in different directions. but only when travelling at more than 15mph. Any less and the sounds/grind only happens when in full locks.

First off, what should i be looking for under the bonnet for signs of wear to rule out some options, what could it be? I'm thinking/hoping its the wheel bearings as a friends dad says if it is he'll do them for free for me.

Due to the age of the car it could be CV joint? Steering rack? Drive shaft?

I'm not too sure.

Also, is there anything wrong with taking it to a garage and getting them to have a look so I can get a quote and then just weighing up whether to scrap the car.

The body work is pretty damaged but the engine itself (although the car has done 110k) has only done 40k, the clutch is less than 10,000 miles old, brakes and tyres are less than 10,000 miles, shocks are all under 10,000 and the fuel pump got replaced 25,000 ago. So not sure what I could even get for it. I paid £1500 for a new engine to be put in so with 40,000 on the clock (motorway driving) i would say anywhere around 5-800 would be reasonable?

Any advice would be great, cheers!

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in the wheel arches theres a plastic cover that on the mk1 can distort over time and actually hit the tyre slightly when the tyres turned it can be that simple set the wheels so they are turned slightly and have a look other than that it may be the upper strut mounts anything major would have been picked up on an mot also jack the car up and spin the wheel is the brake disk warped?

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cheers for the response, i had a look and they all seemed fine. Took it to a garage, its the nearside wheel bearing, pretty close to shearing/falling off he said. Alot of movement as if its held on by one nut. Getting it repaired for £150 inc VAT and Labour.

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